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Author AvatarClick to View CategoryYear In Review ala Google

by Webnme2 on Dec 31st 2004 in Original WEBnME Blog - Archived

http://www.google.com/press/zeitgeist.html Follow the link above to visit the Google Press Center: Zeitgeist, where you’ll find Google’s catalog of what searches were most popular over the last year. Sorry folks, most web surfers weren’t looking for information on how to solve the ultimate problem, trying to admire Nobel Peace Prize winners, or tackling thorny intellectual issues. […]


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Author AvatarClick to View CategoryMake A Difference – Support the American Red Cross – Help Tsunami Victims

by Webnme2 on Dec 29th 2004 in Original WEBnME Blog - Archived

More than 71,000 people are known to have lost their lives in East Africa and South Asia in the aftermath of the earthquake and resulting tsunamis on December 26 and the death toll is expected to rise to over 100,000 according to the International Red Cross in Geneva. The American Red Cross reports that emergency […]


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Author AvatarClick to View CategoryWe Never Learn

by Webnme2 on Dec 22nd 2004 in Original WEBnME Blog - Archived

http://www.govexec.com/features/1104-01/1104-01s2.htm Not so many years ago fax machines were hailed as a communications revolution. When the luster wore off, people realized that this gift of technology was a double-edged sword with increased expectations for instant communication and a loss of personal time. Next we experienced the first wave of e-mail communication and it too was […]


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Author AvatarClick to View CategoryCell Phone Weather Tip

by Webnme2 on Dec 14th 2004 in Original WEBnME Blog - Archived

Address an SMS (text message) to 42278 and put your zip code (five digits only) in the text of the message. Send it. In a very short time you should get a return message from WeatherChannel.com with the weather forecast for the zip code you entered.


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