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by Webnme2 on Aug 7th 2015 in Gaming

Before I take a look at the soon to be released Imperial City DLC for Elder Scrolls Online – Tamriel Unlimited, I will be reviewing the state of the game in a series of assessment articles. To kick of the assessment series, let me introduce to my game record so that when you read the articles you know what kind of player is talking and what kind of experience the player has with the game.

I started playing the Elder Scrolls Online when it was in Beta development and promptly joined a guild – The Crimson Order. I have been playing the game daily ever since. Here are some highlights of my game experience:

  • Primarily a PvE player
  • Eight characters that have reached Veteran Ranks – three at V1, two at V5, two at V12, and one at V14
  • All eight characters are lvl 50 in every craft except enchanting. Two are lvl 50 in enchanting and the rest are lvl 40 enchanting.
  • Each character has between 25% and 70% of all possible achievement points
  • Net worth in game currently is in excess of 2.25 million gold
  • All characters have level 60/60/60 mounts and 170 inventory slots with bank maxed at 240 slots
  • All characters have gold quality outfitting
  • Carry a sufficient reserve of mats to make gold-quality armor for four toons without acquiring more mats
  • Have completed every quest in the basic zones, Cadwell’s Silver, and Cadwell’s Gold at least once and sometimes as many as eight times.
  • Have completed every quest in Cyrodiil and many in Craglorn/Upper-Craglorn
  • Have collected every skyshard in the game with the exception of a few in Craglorn/Upper Craglorn
  • Have completed every delve in the game with the exception of a few in Craglorn/Upper Craglorn
  • Rank in top 25% of sales in two trade guilds
  • Second in command for a player guild in-game
  • Have participated in three PvP campaigns
  • Have participated on the Public Test Server (PTS) prior to major patches and changes to the game, providing feedback
  • Have written extensive number of help articles to help guild mates ranging from how to get started to theorycrafting
  • Have led discussions in-game and via TeamSpeak with guild members to improve game experience
  • In short, there is very little of the game that I haven’t explored and mastered

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