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by Webnme2 on Aug 7th 2015 in Gaming

When it comes to game environment, The Elder Scrolls Online is truly a fantastic game. The game was developed with loving attention to detail and offers a stunning array of sub-environments ranging from the frigid Nord home area to rich deserts to stunning coastal areas. Every area has rich flora and fauna, interesting geographical features to explore, caves, dungeons, challenging overworld bosses, and a wide variety of hostile mobs to battle. There is no shortage of adventure opportunity.

The games voice acting and musical scores are simply outstanding. General game effects and sound effects are also very good. In short they got it right with the audio portion of the game experience!

All of these things make the fantasy world of Tamriel a delightful place. And for those of us that played earlier franchise games like Oblivion on Skyrim, the trip back in time to this earlier era is a lot of fun and rich in lore that for the most part is consistent with our expectations. Yes there are some strange differences like a more arid Cyrodiil and city layouts that bear little resemblance to what we knew in Skyrim or Oblivion, but even so the areas still give you rich lore and story consistency.

The game UI is easy to use for the most part, although there are frequent complaints about the awkward feel of the selection wheel for fishing and potions/trophies.

For those of us that came from Oblivion and Skyrim, the game lacks two significant features that greatly enhanced game play in prior games.

1. There still isn’t a character customization capability that would allow you to change your character’s appearance. Let’s suppose you would like to change hair color or style – that just isn’t possible. This is frustrating for players that started playing at game launch when the character creator interface was problematic and sometimes resulted in character appearance that wasn’t just where we wanted it to be.

2. There isn’t any way to display your trophies or loot beyond the single set of armor you are wearing. In single-player games, player homes were a huge player satisfaction factor and with the addition of modding became one of the most outstanding features of the game. Face it, we like to show off what we have earned and collected, even if we are the only players to see our own stuff. Being able to share your individual accomplishments via screenshots of weapon and armor displays was simply huge, This is something that , while perhaps difficult to implement, is sorely missing.

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