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by Webnme2 on Mar 18th 2010

Build Stuff

If you want to build some stuff for your website, this is your place.
Click on “Build Stuff” in the java menu below and pick a selection to go to a code generator page (or click on one of the html menu choices below). You can use the slick interface on each builder page to generate code that you can copy and then use on your website. These tools are provided courtesy of

Pick Something to Build

Java Sliding Menu

Normal HTML Menu

Build Stuff

  • DHTML NavBar
  • DHTML ToolTip
  • DropDown Menu
  • Flash NavBar
  • Flash ToolTips
  • Popup Window
  • Scrollbar Colors

  • If you would like a sliding menu that is easy to build and attractive, consider the java applet above. For comparison purposes it is side-by-side with normal html generated links. The expandable, sliding java menu was provided courtesy of

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