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by Webnme2 on Mar 19th 2010

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Fee-Based Hosting


When you are considering fee-based hosting, you should consider:

  1. How much space is available to you?
  2. Will the host require you to display forced ads? This may not play well if you hope to use profit-making ads of your own.
  3. Will the host allow you to display your own ads?
  4. What types of scripting and other support are available?  Can you use .asp? cgi? php? SSI?
  5. Can you upload via FTP? a web interface?  If it is a web interface can you upload multiple files?  If not, it may get
    old real fast doing one file at a time.

  6. Does the host provide any editing tools and are they easy to use?
  7. Does the host provide email accounts . . . that match your domain name?
  8. Does the host provide spam controls, if email is provided?
  9. Does the site integrate with any web 2.0 features like blogs, wikis, discussion forums, etc.
  10. Will you be able to use your own domain name?
  11. What is the reputation of the host?
  12. Does the host provide help pages, tutorials, or a support area . . . or are you on your own?
  13. Does the host provide any metrics – how many people visited your site? What pages they visited?
  14. Find out some of the websites hosted and see whether the pages are fast or slow.
  15. What is the percentage of up time for the web server
  16. What do other people say about the host – check the host out with your favorite search engine.

Fee Based Hosting Reference Information

Reviews and References

(There are over 50,000 web hosts competing for your dollar.  We are not
going to list them all here and instead recommend the above links for
reviews and selections.  The links below are now dated and will not be

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