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by Webnme2 on Mar 20th 2010

Upgrading Your Operating System

  • Can you upgrade your operating system?

    Before you decide to upgrade your operating system, check the operating system vendor’s website to see if your current operating system can be successfully upgraded.  If you are considering an upgrade to Windows Vista from Windows XP, then go to the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor website.  Microsoft also has a useful guide Upgrade your existing PC.  Mac users may want to start here and look at Read Before You Install, if planning to go from OS 9 to OS X. 
  • Will you have hardware or software problems?

    Visit the Windows Vista compatibility center to find out if the hardware and software you own or plan to buy will work with Vista.   For other operating systems check the operating system’s vendor website for information.
  • Upgrade vs Clean Install

    Should you do an upgrade or a clean install of a new operating system?  You may want to review the following:

    Upgrading vs. Clean Installation

    Vista Performance Shootout: Upgrade vs. Clean Installation

    Generally, you will reduce the risk of problems by doing a clean install (you cannot use an upgrade version for a clean install), but it requires additional work.  You will have to make sure to save all of your data, software keys, email files, and so forth on backup media (external hard drive, thumb drives, CD/DVDs, etc.) to assure that you can load them on the new OS.  (You should also do this for an upgrade in case it goes bad).  If you upgrade a computer with problems, those problems may persist in the upgraded OS or render it difficult to use.  Frequently, a clean install will avoid driver problems, software compatibility problems, etc.

  • How to information

    Windows Vista Migration Step-by-Step Guide

    How to Upgrade to Windows Vista from XP (11 minute video)

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