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by Webnme2 on Mar 21st 2010


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Web Counters are frequently used on personal websites to give a rough idea of how many visitors have passed through a particular page. They can give you a ballpark figure on usage, but are unreliable in determining how well your site is serving its audience. Counter programs rarely tell you what pages are most frequently visited, which pages have errors, and a host of other things that a successful webmaster needs to know. If you need some measurement and don’t have access to the server to use a metrics program, they can be helpful. Here are some of the better services.

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In any business “Return on Investment” is a key part of decision making. Can you demonstrate that your customer is getting a return on investment with the website you operate? While not perfect many commercial programs offer a quick way to demonstrate how many visitors a site has, what pages are visited, which pages are not getting visited, and more. Some metrics programs can help you demonstrate how many times a document has been downloaded. With a little creativity you can show a customer how much it would have cost to publish the same information on paper and distribute it — this is money saved by your efforts. And if nothing else, these programs can help you make decisions about how to refine your site to better meet your customers’ needs.

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