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by Webnme2 on Mar 21st 2010

E-Mail Tips

Using Blind Copies:

When using a “bcc:” field, a separate message is created for each
recipient. Because a single message is created, the recipients are no
longer part of a list and will only receive one copy of the message.
Many Internet mailing lists use this same method for addressing their

Limit of 100 Recipients When Addressing the Message:

According to Internet Mail standards, the maximum number of recipients
in one message should not exceed 100. Exceeding this number will result
in other problems. If your mailings require that you send to more than
100 recipients, then you will need to create and maintain multiple
mailings lists/groups.

Keep Your Internet Addresses Current:

Just like with street addresses and postal mail, people move and change
their Internet addresses as well. It is extremely important that you
try to maintain current and up-to-date Internet addresses for the people
included in your mailing lists. Sending to addresses that are no longer
valid because the person “moved”, can result in additional burdens on
mail systems and sometimes cause unpredictable results, such as looping
messages between the sending and receiving systems.

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