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by Webnme2 on Mar 9th 2012

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Stash Locations

At several points in the game you will be able to secure a stash point where you can store excess loot. What you put into your stash box at any location can be retrieved at any other stash location. Each also includes a mirror where you can adjust the appearance of your character and a bed where you can rest to restore your character’s health.


Amalur Stash Map - Click to see full size 1354 x 715

Canneroc in Webwood

You can obtain a house called Gossamer End by completing the A Tangled Web quest. This stash point has a alchemy workbench and sagecraft altar, if you pay for the improvements.

Motus Mining Outpost in the Hollowlands

You can obtain a house called Aron Excavations by completing the Fae at the Mine, Bloodbane, and Miners in the Sand quests. It has a blacksmith forge and sagecraft altar (if you pay for the improvements).

Rathir via Tywili Coast — Two Stash Locations

Complete the Scholia Arcana faction quest line and you will be rewarded with the Archsage Quarters. It has a blacksmith forge, sagecraft altar, and alchemy workbench.

Complete the Reckoning Main Quest Line and you will be rewarded with quarters in the Orbocant. The quarters are limited to your stash and a mirror.

House of Valor in Alserund

Complete the House of Valor faction quest line’s Championship Match, and you will be rewarded with the Champion’s Manor. This is just a stash point and doesn’t offer much utility in the game. Only available if your game purchase included House of Valor content or if you purchased House of Valor content separately from an EA Store.


On entering Adessa, your character will be given lodgings at Sandstone Villa. Complete the New in Town and Under Watch quests to get title to the villa. You can then go to the Bursars to add a blacksmith forge and alchemy workbench.

Calied Coast

You will be given Seawatch Castle after completing the Ghosts of Seawatch quest. Your new steward will inform you that you must complete another quest of locating household staff to upgrade the castle. It will have a blacksmith forge, alchemy workbench, sagecraft altar, personal alchemy trainer, personal healer, and personal merchant for selling excess loot. This is the ultimate stash point.

Using your stash points effectively

At first your stash points are a great place to unload extra loot because you have limited storage. As you progress in the game you will be able to buy backpacks and increase your storage in increments of ten items. Before long you will be able to carry nearly as much as you can store in your stash, which has a static size limit. It will be easy to overload the stash and so you will need to prioritize what you keep there. You may want to consider using primarily for:

  • Potions that you may need to use later – extra healing and mana for example
  • Repair Kits
  • Lock Picks
  • Gems you have created, but are not ready to use
  • Parts of armor collections (yellow items)
  • Duplicate weapons
  • Accessories with special capabilities you may need later
  • Stuff you want to sell later

Everything else should be unloaded either by selling to a merchant or by salvaging it on a blacksmith forge. When selling to merchants, you may want to consider fast traveling from merchant to merchant to see which one offers the best prices before closing the deal. When salvaging, use game save first and if your salvage results are only for basic items of no value, then reload the saved game and do it again to get better salvage items.

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