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by Webnme2 on Feb 11th 2010  2003-2010

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In 1999 a colleague of mine challenged me to find a domain name that would fit on a vehicle license plate, build a site with the address, and keep it running for at least a year. I picked WEBnME with the idea that I might write about things that were related to the web and being a webmaster and ended up running the site for eleven years as a personal website and as a place to experiment with website coding and design.

One of the core features of the site was a blog integrated into the home page of the site. More than 760 articles were entered via Blogger and sent via FTP to the website from 2003 to 2010. In February 2010, Blogger announced it would discontinue support of blogs maintained by FTP. Most of the content on the site was old and getting older. It was time for a fresh start using applications that integrate with the iPhone and with a simplified design without the clutter of too many decaying links. As a result, WEBnME2 emerged.

View of in February 2010

View of in February 2010

The old website is being maintained as a “ghost town” website – one that is no longer current or maintained, but which may still have useful reference material or other useful attributes. I suppose it will eventually fade away and die, but for now it still will be available at

View of in February 2010 - Ghost Town Colors

View of in February 2010 - Ghost Town Colors

Update 2/27/2011: Very soon after the above article was first published, the migration of content to WEBnME2 was completed. The ghost site was disbanded and a new design was adopted for WEBnME2 as shown below.

View of WEBnME2 in February 2011

WEBnME2 will continue to be my place to operate a personal blog and provide reference material on topics of interest. In the near future the original domain will re-emerge as a business site for my freelance web and graphics design pursuits with sample work.

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The author's first experience with computers was with Fortran IV. Wow that's ancient. After graduate school, he taught history for a number of years at a community college before becoming an attorney. In 1997 he changed careers to become a web developer/designer with an interest in all things web related. He currently maintains several dozen websites. This is his personal blog. The opinions expressed are his own.

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