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by Webnme2 on Mar 14th 2010

Internet User License
Beginner’s Permit

Are You Qualified to Use the Internet?


Please answer the questions below. Select the best answer for each question. You will be provided with immediate feedback. To protect your privacy, this website will not retain any information you submit.


  1. New Computer

    When you get a new computer, is it okay to plug it into the Internet and use it right away?

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  2. Maintaining Your Computer

    What programs need to be updated and/or patched?

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  3. Anti-Virus

    If your computer came with an anti-virus program, are you protected against virus, worm, and trojan attacks?

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  4. E-mail Attachments

    If you get an e-mail attachment, is it okay to open it?

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  5. Privacy

    Is your privacy protected when you use your computer on the Internet?

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  6. Protection

    What do you need to install on your computer besides an anti-virus program to protect your privacy and data?

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  7. When You Get “spam”

    What should you do when you get spam (unsolicited commercial e-mail) messages?

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Your Score:

questions out of 7 were answered correctly on your first try.

Interpreting Your Score:

If you did not get the correct answer to all of these questions on your first try, you are not ready to use the Internet and may pose a risk to the rest of the Internet community. When you fail to act responsibly, you may help spread worms, viri, and other malicious programs. Unless you are ready to accept responsibility for the security of your information and your computer, you are also at risk for identity theft and attacks on your computer that could expose any information you have. Be smart and be safe — do what it takes to practice safe computing on the Internet.

The SecurityFocus Home User’s Security Checklist for Windows

If you found the above test helpful, you may also want to look at the Home User’s Security Checklist found at:

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