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by Webnme2 on Mar 14th 2010

Internet User License
Beginner’s Permit

Are You Qualified to Use the Internet?

Examination Question:

New Computer

When you get a new computer, is it okay to plug it into the Internet and use it right away?


This is the answer section of the exam. You can use the following information for study.

1.  Yes – Vendors always install everything you need

Try Again – Vendors usually install a basic operating system and sometimes include trial software for some programs. These programs are rarely up to date. You need to go to the vendor websites for your software and get updates.

2.  Yes – It will be awhile before hackers find me

Try Again – An unpatched computer on the Internet may be discovered and compromised in as little as fourteen minutes.

3.  No – I am vulnerable until my system is patched

Best Answer – You will be extremely vulnerable to a successful attack until every piece of software on your computer is patched and updated. Even then, there is no guarantee that an attacker won’t find a vulnerability for which a patch is not yet available.

Quick Guide:

Read our Quick Guide to Smart Computing.

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