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by Webnme2 on Mar 14th 2010

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Hoaxes and Myths

Is it true or is it a hoax, myth, or urban legend? When you get an email with a fascinating story, a claim of some revelation, some bizarre circumstance, or something really strange; you’ll probably be tempted to forward it on to friends and colleagues via email. Stop and think first. Don’t hit forward without checking out the story. There are a lot of stories that get passed on as true that really are only half-truths at best and at worst are complete fabrications. (Learn how urban legends work.) Sometimes urban legend and hoax emails also are used in phishing and malware attacks. An attached file may contain malware or the text of the email may provide a link to a hostile website. See, US-CERT Cyber Security Tip ST04-009.

Fortunately there are a lot of good sites that specialize in debunking and separating the false from the true. Here are some of the better known sites for finding out whether it is fact or fiction.

Check it out on one or more these sites before you click a link, open an attachment or send it to friends.  You could save yourself some embarrassment or a lot of computer troubles.

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