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by Webnme2 on Mar 14th 2010

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Use this custom Google Search to search only Anti-Spam websites (listed on this page) for information.


Anti-Spam Product Review

Spam – Links to Products and Reference Information

In addition to the product links below, many security suites and anti-virus products offer anti-spam features including
AGC, Avast,
McAfee, and
Symantec. Many web mail providers also offer spam protection for their email services including
Yahoo, and
Windows Live.

Anti-Spam Products

Where do spammers get your address? Here are a few examples:

  1. Profiles that you create on web services; e.g., AOL, Live, facebook,
    MySpace, etc.
  2. Registrations on a website – when you visit a site and request additional information to be e-mailed to you, these sites can and do sell/resell their mailing lists to others.
  3. Free e-mail site directories – I have more than one account. When I failed to uncheck the box allowing my address to be listed in their directory on one account, I started getting 15 to 30 spam e-mails a day. On the other accounts, I seldom, if ever, get spam.
  4. Websites that contain your e-mail address — You can encode the email address you post to your website to help avoid having it harvested by spammers. You can replace some or all of the ASCII characters in the address with decimal equivalents. There is a free encoder at
  5. Newsgroup postings
  6. Online forums and chat postings

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