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by Webnme2 on Mar 4th 2014 in Gaming

Elder Scrolls Online Beta

This last weekend I had the joy of participating in a beta test of the Elder Scrolls Online. I compiled some notes for playing the game:


1. Start out looting and scrapping everything out the environment you can

2. GO SLOW – you’ll miss stuff and be sorry later when you don’t advance as fast

3. Craft and build skills early

4. Explore every inch of territory – exploration is more important to XP than crafting, which in turn is more important than killing a creature or individual foe.

5. Do every quest you can – only quests trump exploration for XP

6. Find and use Skychards, Mundus Stones, Runes, etc. You get more skill points that way and get enchanted gear with the runes, which makes a huge difference

7. Leave a bad fight and come back when you are better prepared.

8. If you start loosing a fight, your armor will degrade when you get killed and get expensive to repair or replace. You are less and less likely to win and more and more likely to continue racking up expenses

9. Interact with every NPC

10. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OTHER PLAYERS – group kills and combat are better even if you don’t form an official group links – swarm mobbing a foe is awesomely better than hard fights

11. Join Fighter and Mage Guilds as soon as you can.

12. Works very nicely with keyboard and mouse and may be faster to play that way. Still works extremely well with controller using 3rd party emulation software.

13. You don’t want to open up the UI unless you are in a safe place like a wayshrine or in a town. You can get attacked and killed while reading a map very easily and quickly.

14. Sneak and ranged attacks are often better than melee in this game.

15. Special powers from skill points rule!!!!

16. When picking powers, make sure to have one or two that are stamina based and the rest magic. That way you can fire off an attack after magic is exhausted and recharging without having to wait and being limited to just a weapon.

17. Have at least a good staff, a good bow, and a good melee weapon at all times. Spare parts for armor are needed until you can fight well.

18. Repairs are made in towns and you may need to repair in the middle of a fight. Spares are essential for awhiule.

19. Use the banks to store crafting supplies and runes. Save inventory space for critical stuff and looting/exploiting the environment

20. Go to town and sell/bank often

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by Webnme2 on Mar 4th 2014 in Gaming

Elder Scrolls Online Beta

This last weekend I had the joy of participating in a beta test of the Elder Scrolls Online.  During the test period I captured about 120 screenshots.  These can be seen on my Steam profile.

I played three characters during the beta test.  Here is a picture of them (taken from screenshots):

EOS Beta Characterss

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by Webnme2 on Mar 4th 2014 in Gaming, Web

Elder Scrolls Online Beta

This last weekend I had the joy of participating in a beta test of the Elder Scrolls Online. The following are my comments and observations on the beta test.

1. Plant life is awesome and include more variety than before

2. Critters are abundant and nasty bad to deal with. Spiders and mudcrabs can kill in a hurry. LVL 10 vs 2 mudcrabs or spiders is iffy at times. You have to get it right quick and use special powers repeatedly. No magic – you are dead.

3. Scenery is gorgeous and detailed

4. Lots and lots of NPCs and people playing on the screen at one time – many, many more than Skyrim ever had

5. Variety of outfits is stunning and many are quite beautiful to see. Very few ugly outfits.

6. Lots of old names are heard again in ESO

7. Places may not be familiar unless you were in an area in one of the games

8. Daedra anchors are like a sky version of the Oblivion Gates. Nasty and far more impressive

9. Puzzles are far and few

10. Lockpicking is fairly frequent, if you have a keen eye and explore hard

11. You don’t display anything really – no player houses for trophy item displays – you show just what you wear and use as evidence of your progress to others

12. Fast travel replaced by wayshrines

13. Travel is time consuming

14. Easy to get a lot of quests and get overloaded

15. Merchants are more diverse and available in more places

16. Religious stuff, shrines, etc. are toned down

17. Weather does change

18. No real night time. It gets darker toward evening with stars and moon, but not true night.

19. Crafting is hard and maybe not well balanced – hard to get going

20. PvE seems like it gets harder than it should arouind level eight and unless you are with others a lot of quests are very hard – you’ll see one Daedra boss that looks like a huge skeleton in my pictures later – he recharges in lava whenver his damage is more than 33%. Tried 15 times to take him out and failed.

21. Getting killed often either is going to degrade your armor to nothing or become expensive in terms of repair costs in the game meaning buying new gear is harder than it should be.

22. Enchanting is the most valuable tactical craft in my view and the hardest to get going

23. Some quests were broken – expected that with a beta though

24. You can earn achievements, but the UI doesn’t display what you earned – can’t go look at your collection of achievmeents and they don’t show up on your profile on the ESO web site either.

25. There are no saves ever. Whatever you do is permanent as soon as you do it. Normally that would get a rant from me, but here it works.

26. The beta had survey questions for every aspect of the game that popped up contantly seeking feedback – very good way to get diverse views of the game and troubleshoot

27. Game plays very well with a controller despite lack of native support in the game code. Very easy to use, but some keyboard controls are still needed due to the sheer number of controls.

28. Firing off four powers in a sequence for devestating kill effects was easy as was movement including jumping, rolls, dodges, sneaks, etc. Yay. Very impressive control level.

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by Webnme2 on Mar 4th 2014 in Gaming

Elder Scrolls Online Beta

This last weekend I had the joy of participating in a beta test of the Elder Scrolls Online.  The following are my comments and observations on the beta test.

1. The graphics are stunning and much better than Skyrim in many ways

2. Where you go is determined at character creation when you pick an alliance. You are randomly sent to one of several starting locations for that alliance.

3. You will see dozens and sometimes hundreds of players in single player mode doing the same quests and tasks as you. It is funny mostly and sometimes instructive. Not private like Skyrim, though you pick what to do and can do it all by yourself. You can help another player by attacking his enemy and others tend to do that for you.

4. Game is functioning at 30-60 fps even with the huge load in the test

5. Only major glitches are with merchants sometimes not working right. You can hit the mail key and get out of a freeze when that happens. Odd, but true.

6. Game did have a stopage for a short time due to load

7. It takes time to level up for an older guy. I’m at lvl 7 and may or not get to lvl 10. Too much time learning the game and chasing butterflies I suppose.

8. There are new critters and beasites. Some have good rewards and are nasty.

9. There are no pushover enemies.

10. You respawn nearby if you get killed, but at a price — damaged armor

11. Medium and higher lockpicking is difficult until you get  the hang of it

12. No auctions or in-game purchases

13. Lots of time to build up without noob farming like many MMO’s

14. No need to play with anyone unless you want and you pick the size of the group whether just one or a very large group

15. Questing, crafting, and the like are very similar. Enchanting is the most different – you have to find rune stones and like alchemy figure out combos that give an enchantment and the power is limited by your skill.

16. No console and no mods

17. Pretty fair and balanced so far – not overly difficult

18. Some go here and there stuff, but a whole lot less than Skyrim. More combat in quests I think, but you decide which of dozens of ways to approach it.

19. Character development has endless possibilities and can morph from one type to another. Some really neat stuff there.

20. Gets intense as you play at times. Hard to break away – something unique to Bethesda games. Tells me I need to do taxes between the end of this test and release or else. LOL

21. Around 10:30 PM Saturday – login problems and booting — overload issues

22. Overload caused some character appearance changes like different hair color

23. There is a feature where you can store stuff in a bank and you can buy a bag to carry more stuff. Default limit is 50 items. Bag gives 10 more. Vault is default of 30. You can buy more.

24. There are horses

25. Melee fighting is harder than mage

26. UI is so much better than any TES game so far – easy even though there are hundreds more choices and more stuff to manage. Well done.

27. No wiki support and limited Forum help at this stage – so hard to predict what effect your choices will have. But there seems to be a lot of foregiveness/elasticity in the skill trees.  Best resource for the game in my opinion is at

28. Found an interesting hidden place called Steamfont Cavern where there are three crafting stations that allow you to make a set of items to regenerate health and stamina nearly instantly when hidden.

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