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Author AvatarClick to View CategoryFirefox Minefield – Tab Candy Rocks

by Webnme2 on Jul 26th 2010 in Web

When a friend sent me a link to TechCrunch’s Firefox Just Perfected Tabbed Browsing. It’s Like Apple’s Expose Plus Spaces For The Web, my first thought was oh no – the wonderful tabs in Firefox are about to get screwed up ruining my favorite browser. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The developers at Mozilla […]


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Author AvatarClick to View CategoryFirefox Won’t Start? Safe Mode

by Webnme2 on May 2nd 2010 in Web

Yesterday, I was doing some maintenance on my primary computer and in the process managed to caused the machine to hang-up. Crashed and burned on a little “improvement” to the system. Nothing else could be done except to force a reboot. After that, Firefox threw a fit and refused to start. No amount of clicking […]


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Author AvatarClick to View CategoryInternet Explorer 8 (IE8) Disappointing

by Webnme2 on Apr 10th 2010 in Web

When Internet Explorer 8 first launched I was an early adopter with great hopes that it would be more secure and better browser. Those hopes have faded to disappointment with experience. On a 64-Bit Windows 7 system, it is a very rare day when IE8 doesn’t crash and restart once or more often multiple times. […]


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