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Author AvatarClick to View CategoryHooked on HootSuite

by Webnme2 on Feb 13th 2012 in Social Media

HootSuite advertises that it is a Social Media Dashboard and lives up to that claim rather nicely. If anything the lead image on their web site is an understatement of just how useful and powerful HootSuite is and can be for you. Often people will discuss which solution is the best for Twitter alone. But […]


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Author AvatarClick to View CategoryMetroTwit: A Case of MetroFail

by Webnme2 on Feb 12th 2012 in Social Media

Microsoft advertises its Twitter application, MetroTwit, with the slogan “MetroTwit The Windows client you’ll love to use.” Essentially it is a standalone application that works on the Windows desktop using Microsoft .NET 4.0 and Windows Presentation Foundation 4 frameworks. If you only do Twitter from your Windows computer, then perhaps it may be of interest […]


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Author AvatarClick to View CategoryMore History Unravels on Twitter

by Webnme2 on Jan 11th 2012 in Social Media

In my last post, I shared my excitement at find the brilliant World War II history project called Real Time World War II that is making use of Tweets to recount the war years 72 years later.  It turns out that there are other similar projects using Twitter to tell historical stories.  Here are three […]


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Author AvatarClick to View CategoryExtraordinary World War II History Project Uses Twitter

by Webnme2 on Jan 8th 2012 in Social Media

In one of the most innovative and best uses of Twitter ever, @RealTimeWWII is providing updates via Tweets on a daily basis of events as they happened 72 years ago to the date.  This project started with events in 1939 and has now moved to 1940.  The project will continue through the remaining six years […]


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