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Author AvatarClick to View CategoryWordPress – Create a Shortcode “Include File”

by Webnme2 on May 4th 2012 in WordPress

If you are an old school, grizzled webmaster with experience; you have probably have used include files on your site to avoid trying to replicate the same code on every page or a group of pages. That is a handy way of using one chunk of html over and over again on many pages with […]


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Author AvatarClick to View CategoryEnhance WordPress with WooDojo

by Webnme2 on Apr 16th 2012 in WordPress

WooThemes.com is known for their high quality WordPress themes. Now they have stepped it up a notch to offer a free bundle of tools called WooDojo. The WooDojo bundle of free goodies by default includes five awesome tools: WooDojo Tabs – can be inserted in the main widget area of your WordPress site WooDojo Custom […]


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Author AvatarClick to View CategoryFont Resizer Plugin Improves Readability

by Webnme2 on Dec 17th 2011 in WordPress

Most WordPress themes use CSS to automatically set the font properties for your blog to a reasonable font size and color for most viewers. But what about those of your readers that need a larger sized font for readability or who have a small screen and want to reduce the font size? Look no more, […]


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Author AvatarClick to View CategoryWordPress Update Clobbers DB-Cache Reloaded

by Webnme2 on Mar 3rd 2011 in WordPress

WordPress blogs can sometimes be slow to load. Caching your pages can help. DB-Cache Reloaded is a highly recommended plugin for WordPress that helps assure faster access to WordPress blog and content pages by caching. The latest version of WordPress – WordPress 3.1 – replaced a key class script that is used by the plugin. […]


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